2021 Naish S25 Lift RN

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The LIFT RN is a 2 cam, ultra high aspect foiling sail with medium sleeve width that
delivers top foiling performance. It is great for foiling windsurfers looking for maximum
speed thrill on a foil. With its short boom and long mast, the high aspect ratio delivers
great low end power to get up while minimizing drag once on the foil. The LIFT RN can
also be used as a non-foiling sail, offering great twin cam handling and performance. The
low clew and increased area below the boom allow to close the gap early adding to the
sails efficiency in light winds.


  • 6 Battens/2 Cams
  • Deep Foot Shaping
  • Laminated Tough and Lightweight Film
  • Smooth, Progressive Twist Profile
  • High Aspect Sail Outline
  • Medium Width Mast Sleeve Design