2021 Slingshot Pill

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For hardcore boat riders, the Pill features some of our most impressive channel technology in the line-up.

NACA tech channels are cut on a constant curve, smoothing out the flow of water across the bottom of the board when on edge. This equates to more grip when you need it most (edging into the wake) without having to sacrifice speed. The Pill boosts off the wake thanks to stiff flex which triggers an immediate reaction for a “snappier” and livelier feel. Strap into the Pill and be prepared for blastoff!
Art By: Asti Faivre

Built exclusively for riding boat, the Pill redefines the term “pop” when it comes to hitting the wake. The extra boost you’ve been searching for has arrived.

138 = 115-165 lbs

142 = 145-195 lbs

146 = 160 lbs +