2022 Naish S26 Maliko Inflatable14'X25 Carbon Fusion

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With the same outline as the Maliko Fusion’s, the Maliko Light’s feature single-layer construction with a carbon deck and bottom stringer, but utilize a single-layer dropstitch material. This construction reduces weight, but increases puncture resistance, durability, and to a degree, overall stiffness, making the Maliko Light a better choice only for lighter riders. The Maliko inflatables are designed to be the fastest inflatable race SUP in the world — no compromises. Drawing DNA from its World Title winning composite counterpart, these long and narrow boards are made to go fast with extreme efficiency. We achieved this by making these boards with a carbon stringer that runs the length of the board on both the top and bottom. These stringers paired with the recommended 21 PSI make the Maliko inflatable the stiffest in the world and minimize any excessive bending or unnecessary rocker caused by rider weight and produces superior speed. Overall speed and efficiency are also complemented by the Hydroslick edges which create a clean release of water off the tail. The Maliko inflatables also feature several grab handles for easy grab-and-go racing scenarios with beach run sections, and make getting in and out of the water, even on slippery surfaces, faster and easier than ever. For paddlers who want the fastest possible board with the convenience of an inflatable, the Maliko’s simply can’t be beat!

Ideal for riders up to 220 lbs/100 kg


  • Lightest Inflatable Race Board Available 
  • Race Style Shape 
  • High-Pressure Rated 
  • Added Deck Handles 
  • Accessory Deck Mount 
  • Hydroslick Edge 
  • US Fin Box


  • X-Weave Dropstitch 
  • Double Layer Rails 
  • Wide Carbon Stringer 
Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Maliko Light Inflatable 14'0" X25 14'0"/426.7 cm 25"/63.5 cm 6"/15.2 cm 330 L
Maliko Light Inflatable 14'0" X27 14'0"/426.7 cm 27"/68.6 cm 6"/15.2 cm 357 L