2024 Phase 5 The Chip GO GOIL PKG 50"

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The Phase Five Chip Foil Board is our smallest available deck in the foil range. The Chip is our most responsive, highly maneuverable foil board. Foil sensitivity and direct feel is greatly enhanced by eliminating the swing weight with a reduced sized deck. The Chip harnesses a great deal of volume nose to tail for buoyancy to keep foiling and effectively rebounds off the water during a touchdown. Equipped with foot straps for advanced foiling and glassed with our high end FLEXtec V2 system for unmatched strength and durability. The Chip utilizes an adjustable 10.75” long reinforced track mount system for the hydrofoil.

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 FLEXtec™ V2 Lamination
 V.R.T.™ Technology
 Reflex Speedrail
 Epoxy Resin
 Foil Mount
 Texture Finish
 EPS Core
 Flexspine™ Carbon Stringer


 10.25" Track Mount


 Foil Board Pad + P5 Techno Grip™ Traction v2


Phase Five turned to GoFoil to offer the ultimate high performance, lightweight package for experienced foilers. GoFoil utilizes a very simplistic approach to their hydrofoil design. The plate, mast, and fuselage are all one piece. The advantages of one-piece construction are increased stiffness, superior strength, no weak points around connections and less metal parts. It is built with 100% prepreg epoxy infused carbon fiber for the most light weight high quality process. The front and rear wings are CNC shaped PVC cores with outer skins of 100% carbon. It is designed with simplicity in mind and straightforward to assemble. The front and back foils attach to the fuselage with one screw, simple.


The GoFoil x Phase Five package features a 31.5” plate mast paired with the GT 1250 front wing and 14.5” tail wing. The “GT” stands for “Go To”. The GT Foil series is an ultra responsive, controlled and smooth performance foil. This series is so reactive that you can get the wing tips out of the water during a hard turn and still recover. The GT has superior pitch control—the up and down movement you feel when riding. Controlling pitch helps you go faster with more confidence. The GT’s pump extremely well with solid initial lift and great low end. The low-end performance of the GT allows you to glide longer without dropping off foil. This is the foil package team rider John Akerman prefers to ride.