Starboard Wing Set Ocean Surf 2400 (Carbon)

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A special wing concept that bucks the trend: a low aspect outline is mixed with a thin section to generate lift through sheer area and then switch to control and stability at high speeds thanks to the thin section - exactly the opposite design concept of thick, high-aspect wings. 

The Ocean Surf series are for wing foilers who are willing to sacrifice some low-end power and stall-resistance at low speeds for more top-end stability and performance. 


Ocean Surf wing set available sizes:   2000 // 2400


Wing Sets need a Mast Set to make a complete foil. Choose between Monolithic Carbon and Aluminium V7:


Monolithic Carbon mast sets are available in:   72cm // 82cm // 92cm // 102cm

Aluminium V7 mast sets are available in:   72cm // 82cm

Bag and covers sold separately.