2024 Phase 5 SCAMP

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*Board graphics are custom and may vary as each is unique*
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The Scamp is known as the board that many have begun wakesurfing on. The wide profile makes the board very stable and fast. The thinner skim style core provides exceptional float yet maintains excellent rail sensitivity for the lighter rider. The tri-fin set up provides drive and locks in the face of the wave, but stays free enough to turn. These characteristics make the Scamp the ultimate grom board and provides a starting platform for the young riders.






 E-Glass™ Wrap
 1/2” Thick
 Composilite™ Construction
 Continuous Core
 Polyester Resin
 Tri Fin Setup
 TuffCoat™ Gloss
 Airbrush Art


 (1) 2” Tail Fin + (2) 1” Fakie Fin


 Scamp Skim Pad + P5 Techno Grip™ Traction v2