Snowshoe Buyers Guide

What size snowshoes do I need?

Size of snowshoes is based on weight. Weight includes your body weight, plus anything you might be carrying (like a heavy backpack).

If you will be walking in deep and dry powder, consider a larger snowshoe than if you will be in heavy or packed snow.

Snowshoe Size


Weight Range

Atlas Mini


30-80 pounds

Atlas Spark/Echo


50-120 pounds



80-160 pounds



120-200 pounds



120-200+ pounds



150-250 pounds



180+ pounds


What is the difference between Composite and Alloy Framed snowshoes?

Composite snowshoes are inexpensive, compact and lightweight.

Allow framed snowshoes have more suspension and are quieter.

What about bindings?

There are a variety of ways to attach your boots to the snowshoes.

The BOA system adds convenience to the bindings.

Do I need special boots?

Snowshoe bindings will accept most regular winter boots. If you are planning on wearing specialty boots that are overly large (ie snowboard boots or mountaineering boots), you will want to make sure the bindings of the snowshoe fits your footwear.

What else should I know? 

If you will be doing a lot of climbing, you will want aggressive traction and a heel lift; if you are running, you will want the lightest weight snowshoes with less traction.


What about poles?

Poles help with stability in challenging conditions.

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