Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Service


Each year we service thousands of skis and snowboards. Why is NorthLine Ski & Snowboard Service Shop so popular?

  • Very Experienced Expert Service Technicians are trained certified professionals that will make sure your equipment is tuned and adjusted precisely for you. 
  • Finest quality Wintersteiger tuning machines.
  • Quick turnaround (we run our machines 7 days/week during the busy season).
  • Easy drop off and pickup with lots of free parking directly in front of the store!


NorthLine Ski & Snowboard Full Tunes are done to the highest quality using the finest Wintersteiger machines. Our Full Tunes consists of a Base Grind, Edge Sharpen and a Machine Wax. Major Tunes are meant for skis and snowboards that need base repairs. A Major Tune would include Ptex for big scratches or base damage, and would also be run through the Wintersteiger Stone Machine returning the base to new.

Ski and Snowboard Full Tune Rates


We offer hand waxes which are ironed on and hand scraped giving the best wax possible, absorbing the wax into the base. Alternatively we offer a Wintersteiger Machine Wax which is also standard with a Full Tune. Machine and hand wax both use temperature specific wax which can be switched per request. 

Looking for a bit more edge control on icy Ontario slopes? Our Wintersteiger Edge Sharpener will get you feeling back in control.

And don't forget, at the end of the season, it is important to apply a Storage Wax to your skis or snowboard to prevent the base from drying out.

Ski and Snowboard Wax and Sharpen Rates


It's always recommended to get your bindings adjusted at the beginning of the year, or if you have purchased new boots recently. Ensuring that the bindings are adjusted and DIN set to correctly for your weight, height, boot size and ability is critical to ensure your binding releases properly. At NorthLine we always have a  second certified technician sign-off on a double check that the bindings are set perfectly.

Almost every new ski model we stock come with bindings which we would install and adjust for no free. If you bring in skis with a rail/track system we would be able to install the bindings within an hour. Skis that are flat mount and need to be drilled will need more work so they may take a little longer. 

Ski and Snowboard Binding Service Rates


Damaged skis, snowboard or bindings? We have lots of experience repairing broken equipment. Send us an email ([email protected]) with pictures and we will provide advice on whether it is worth fixing. 

Ski and Snowboard Repair Services


Pick up times can vary depending on the service. Tune ups and waxes taking the longest with up to a week  turn around, depending on how busy the service shop is. Binding install and adjustments can be done within half an hour, or you could leave it with us and pick them up at a later time.


We do not offer storage. Please pick up your Work Order Items within 10 days of service completion. $10/day storage fee is charged after ten days.

Have repair questions? email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 416-485-9463.