2023 Takuma BK EBS

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Engaged wing foiling boards

The BK EBS is the perfect all-round wing foiling board to take your wing riding skills to the next level.

If you are looking for a more forgiving ride for your sessions, look no further, you have found your perfect match in the BK EBS. Its innovative design and components allow an exceptional wing foiling experience. Thanks to the lightweight epoxy bamboo sandwich (EBS) composite the BK EBS is designed to be more forgiving during flight and more resistant to compression resulting in added comfort.

Designed for all levels

The BK EBS has been created based on our in-depth experience and expertise in foil and wing board designs so that it can fit perfectly all levels of riders.

Lightweight & robust

The epoxy bamboo sandwich (EBS) composite, using an injection mold process is designed for riders who want a more forgiving ride. The bamboo is slightly more resistant to compression resulting in added comfort.

Double concave hull

Delivers an extremely smooth touch-down and a natural rebound effect that absorbs impact even at high speed. Designed for the best take-off, the combination of the concave shape, channels and cut-out tail work together to release the water faster without drag for an ultra-smooth and easy take-off.

Comfortable control

An increase of volume on the nose helps on take off to keep the board at the right angle before and during the take off. Voluminous for faster take off, the indented deck gives a more connected feeling to the foil. Extremely comfortable underfoot, delivering enhanced stability and responsiveness for a quicker rebound.

Innovative GDeck

Takuma’s innovative Gravity Deck is curved for a natural lower front foot stance, this forces water down as you take off, giving you better control, acceleration and exceptional balance, even underwater. This revolutionary design also means that riders are able to reduce the volume and size significantly compared to what they’re used to riding. The unique top contour also provides a better chest position and board grip while paddling. It is extremely comfortable underfoot during maneuvers as it creates a natural kick for your back foot. Combine this with the double concave ultra-smooth hull, it gives you all the features required for a sensational ride.

Multi-strap positioning

Supplied with 1x V footstrap 1x straight footstrap for multiple positioning options.

Universal foil mounting

Reinforced rails provide an easy attachment for nearly all types of foil mounts.