2023 Takuma Wing Air

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A revolution in foil board technology, unequaled performance for an inflatable board that delivers the same qualities as its rigid counterpart. It is quick to inflate, ultra-lightweight and a perfect solution for the space-conscious and frequent travelers out there.

Early planning

The compact shape is super manageable for water starts and highly stable, delivering early planning and a forgiving ride.

Double stringer support

Balance volume with extra volume on tail. This helps on take off to keep the right angle on the board before and during the take off. No need to adjust foot positioning before take off.

Solid performance

The perfect board to start and improve your skills, the lightweight, rounded rails and high volume combination offer an extremely efficient foiling performance.

Durable and forgiving

Highly resistant to deflection, the Wing Air is strikingly rigid. Offering a great level of stability and a safer ride. It is resistant to the standard knocks and bangs and is very simple to repair in the case a puncture should occur.