2022 Duotone Jaime Board + Fins 142

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Board size 142 = Recommended rider weight 175 LBS +

Anyone who has kited for a few years will recognize the Jaime board, the flagship model from Duotone with more than 20 years of exemplary service in the Duotone line up. A board that, despite its pedigree, generally surprises us every year with new developments that improve its playfulness.

For those who have never heard of the Jaime, it is one of the lightest performance freeride twintips that focuses on its feel and riding comfort. The 2022 model, as always well-balanced, offers a medium flex pattern, which feels more flexible this year (both longitudinally and torsionally), making it forgiving and very playful. A premium wooden core construction featuring carbon beams and carbon web on the tips delivers an insane amount of pop and edge control, while not sacrificing the user-friendly flex of the board. With Quad channels and Double Diffusor Bottom, the board feels locked in, making riding upwind and holding the edge at higher speeds effortless. The channeled bottom construction also breaks the water during landings making them softer and less slippery, helping to lock in your tricks.

This year’s Jaime weighs slightly more (about 250 grams) than last year’s model due to modifications in its construction focused on improving riding performance and pop. The explosiveness of the board was insane but still delivered a smooth and playful ride. The Jaime cuts through choppy water and holds its edge without breaking a sweat while loading aggressive take-offs. Its light build and grab rails on the side of the board made board-offs easier to handle mid-air and it’s impressive how comfortable and easy this board feels, whether you are trucking upwind, or popping hard for an explosive jump.



If there was a product in our sport that had the biggest legacy, the Jaime would be it, responsible for a revolution in board design and manufacture. It continues to set a standard as the perfect freestyle and freeride board.