2024 Ronix FLyweight Pro MOD

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Experience the pinnacle of foil boarding with the Ronix Flyweight Pro MOD 84. Designed for maximum performance, this foil board blends precision with lightweight agility. Dominate the water with the cutting-edge technology of the Ronix Flyweight Pro MOD 84.

Pendulum – Suspended from a fixed point so that it can swing freely backward and forward. The Flyweight Pro is based on a new style of board designs where the rider shifts their weight farther forward and the profile of the board allows the rider to pump with more forward momentum. Created with a thicker profile with a deep V running through the middle, and an exaggerated bevel on the outside pushing the water away as soon as the board touches down. The result is a board that will allow you to rise and begin your forward momentum even after catching the surface of the water. A faster, lighter board that will turn with more attack angle. A lighter is better mindset mixed with carbon stringers for added snap. A lighter core makes swing weight a thing of the past, with carbon through the tail for added durability and added power in every pump.


  • 11” track length with industry standard 3.5” width between tracks
  • Thick profile, deep v / channels bottom, exaggerated bevel for improved water deflection
  • Blended EVA Traction Pad
  • Handmade by Robots
  • Grooved EVA - Front / Rear Pad
  • Lava Resin