2023 Takuma RS

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Introducing Takuma's master wing, born from the collaboration of legendary sail designer Robert Stroj, the RS will enhance your performance to unimaginable heights.

Robert’s infinite success and background in making the best sails in the world shines a new light on innovations, creating a catalyst in propelling Takuma’s wing design possibilities.

Offering fantastic upwind performances, stability and control, the RS will give you the confidence to master jumps and aerial rotations, allowing you to progress at a fast pace.

It’s the goal of many wing foilers to be able to ride for hours without taking a break. Our new handle design successfully reduces arm pressure, to make lifting and maneuvers more comfortable, while still providing maximum control with high performance. The lightweight, ultra-stiff, carbon fiber handles offer very direct control over the wing.

Thanks to the front handle's slanted angle and slimline oval grip it creates ergonomic handling and natural body positioning. This also improves upwind performance and power delivery as the wing can be kept higher and further away from the body, in turn improving sailing trim when in “switch” position. The long rear handle is purposely positioned parallel to the strut to allow for natural hand adjustment, by intuitively sliding along the handle instead of having to switch between loops.

Airfoil profile

Efficient forward-pull lifting force for getting going in light winds.

• High top speed capability

• Feels light and balanced in flight

• Gives the sensation that it flies alone

Direct Control bars

The lightweight, ultra-stiff, carbon fiber handles offer a very direct connection to the wing.

• Quick response steering

• Ergonomic riding positioning

• Extremely comfortable, anti arm fatigue

Power Tip Battens

Provide extra tension making the tips much stiffer and resistant to collapsing when under pressure.

• Enhanced angle of attack

• Improved reactiveness

• Extend wind range usage

X-ply Laminate

Stretch-resistant laminate on the trailing edge panels.

• Prevents profile deformation

• Durable and elongates wing life span