2024 Phase 5 OOGLE 58"

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The Oogle is the ultimate training board. A classic longboard shape keeps it very stable and forgiving. The generous rocker up front helps to overcome the common nosedive beginners always encounter. The pintail design keeps the Oogle flowing from rail to rail through turns and makes it easy to control. It features a single 2” fin that locks the board into the wave and makes it effortless to ride. With all these assisting features, it is clear why many riders all over the world choose the Oogle as their beginner board for adults.



 E-Glass™ Wrap
 3/4” Thick
 Composilite™ Construction
 Continuous Core
 Polyester Resin
 Single Fin Setup
 TuffCoat™ Gloss
 Airbrush Art


 (1) 2” Tail Fin


 Standard Skim Pad + P5 Techno Grip™ Traction v2