2023 Flux TW - Black

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A lightweight and flexible baseplate with the smallest surface area and a flexible highback.



-Ultima Wing

The wing supports power transmission during presses and turns, while having a flexible design that does not impair ease of movement.

-Super Tough Nylon

Medium flex material for all rounds from low speed to high speed, from beginner to expert.

-Micro Adjuster

Finer highback setting is possible.



A highly flexible base that allows the flex of the board to be utilize while the binding follows the movement of the foot.

-Performance Blend

Medium flex that can be used most all-round. Compatible with all riding scene.

-Toolless Lever

The best setting is possible without tools. With a stopper to prevent loosening of screws.

-Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion

Movable cushion that can be adjusted according to the boot size and board width.

-Hybrid/Comfort Bed

A comfortable footbed that does not easily get clogged with snow, has a flat sole, and has excellent shock absorption.


-Honeycomb Strap Ver.2.0

The lightweight honeycomb shape is also excellent in shock absorption and provides a hold feeling that wrap around the ankle.

-Micro Ratchet Buckle

Achieves both smaller size and greater operability than conventional products. The new design enables smooth insertion and opening of the belt.

-F.T.M versa

Can be used with toes, instep, and 2 way according to your favorite riding. Suitable for all boots by using flexible material.


The belt can be stored smoothly.

-UU Fit

The strap system that wrap from 360°realizes a natural hold feeling and uniform pressure.