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The Sleeveless Iron Wetsuit is double-glued and has double thick flotation padding which makes them glide like you are on ice. This allows you to perform your deepwater starts, tumble turns, jumps and flips with ease. After 10 uses, the suit really conforms to your body which makes it the most comfortable suit you can own. *NOTE* The smooth-skin portions of our wetsuits should not be pulled on while removing the wetsuit or putting it on. Always grip the nylon-covered portions of the suit for this.


Sizing for recreational barefooting. The suit should fit tight, especially the first time. However, you should be able to get the suit on, up and zipped without going into the water. You may need someone to help you to pull the sides to get the zipper closed but nothing should be too uncomfortable It is important that the suit is fitted enough that there are NO gaps or loose material that can catch water! Once in the water the suit will become more pliable and conform to your body. When wet the suit will loosen slightly but more so just conforms to your body, and however your body is stretching the suit. ** If you are going to be using barefoot shorts make sure you have enough room to fit the shorts under your suit.

Sizing For competition Barefooters Those using the suit for barefoot competitions will want a very tight fit. Before zipping up, the zipper may be open about 3 finger widths wide. The first time putting the suit on is the most difficult. Pull the suit up over your legs and hips. Then slide one arm at a time through each sleeve. If you think the suit is too tight, STOP. You will not be able to return or exchange the suit if it is worn in the water. You may need to get into the water to zip the suit up. Once in, pull both sides of the zipper towards each other. The water helps the suit stretch, so do this until you can get both sides of the zipper to touch. This may take 10 - 15 minutes. If its still not closed, get out of the water, and have someone pull the sides of the suit together as another person zips the suit up. After the first use of the suit, you will be able to zip it closed on your own.