Chinook Epoxy RDM Kids Mast

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Chinook Epoxy Fiberglass RDM Kids masts rig well, are forgiving, strong, and affordable.
Epoxy and Fiberglass make a strong economical mast for kids.
2-Piece Constant Curve
RDM- Reduced Diameter
Designed for Kid use only.
1-Year Warranty

Item IMCS Stiffness IMCS Bend Curve Flex Type Weight
270cm N/A N/A Constant Curve 2.55 lbs. or 1.16 kg
315cm N/A N/A Constant Curve 3.30 lbs. or 1.50 kg
340cm N/A N/A Constant Curve 3.95 lbs. or 1.80 kg
370cm N/A N/A Constant Curve 4.5 lbs. or 2.05 kg