ION Fuse Lightweight Drysuit Back Zip

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The Fuse Lightweight is ION's solution for a super lightweight drysuit. Especially oriented towards SUP, you may also take it on a freezing light wind Kitefoil, Windfoil, and Wingfoil session.
It features high water resistance (10,000 mm) and is also breathable.
Neoprene cuffs at the neck, arms and legs making it comfortable to wear, even for hours.
The quality Tip-Zip provides impermeability to water and durability.
Depending on the base layer, this suit is the go-to option for colder days.

-6° - 12°C / 21° -54° F

Superior Warmth Fuse out the cold with the warmest wetsuit on the planet.

Dry Diving Drysuit Seam Technology and 100% waterproof tested.

Safety Bright, eye catching colours, Re-Flective prints and the loudest Storm_Whistle

Comfort Slip in and out with ease thanks to its roomy fit.