2024 Ronix Koal Surface 4'8" Board + ADJUSTABLE MAST SHIFT LINK PKG

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The gateway to flight – the easiest foil set up available to experience foiling’s ups and downs.

727 Foil Board

Shift 3 in 1 Mast

Link 3D 39cm Fuselage

Hybrid Carbon Balance 1300 Front Wing

Hybrid Carbon Navigator 240cm

For several decades people have experienced the feeling of flight. Hard to beat the sensation of levitating a couple feet from the water’s surface. The hurdle has always been a taller mast is a lot more fun, but also infinitely harder to learn on. So, we changed that. We created and patented the world’s only telescoping adjustable mast. Now you can have a mast that grows with you as you progress through the 3 major aspects of adapting to foiling. 3 options in 1 to take you through the evolution.


This is where it all starts - the personality of your levitating experience. A proper flight begins and ends with a front wing set to your cadence and velocity.


Before we tell you about our Balance 1300 Wing, let’s understand the science behind Aspect Ratios and their two opposing styles. Here’s a look at how our feathered friends have evolved their wings and how we mimic their world of aquatic flight.

Longer Wingspan

Longer Wingspan with a narrower depth outline allows flight over long distances without as much flapping. - Basis of Speed


Higher Aspect Ratio

As speed increases, wingspans expand, get narrower, flatter, and more streamlined at the end.

Medium Wingspan

Medium wingspan with a deeper depth outline allows a soar with reliability, while the elliptical outline creates a quicker reacting turn. – Basis of Balance






- Shift Adjustable 3 in 1 Mast – A mast that will grow in height as you become more comfortable with your riding.

- Link 3D Fuselage - A high grade machined aluminum fuselage is the perfect intersection between mast, front wing, and rear stabilizer.

- Balance 1300cm2 Front Wing - This is the foundation model, ideal size and construction for somebody new to foiling regardless of what size they are, or somebody experience that wants that blend of speed and lift.

- Navigator 240cm2 Rear Stabilizer - The voice of reason mounted on the back of your Link 3D fuselage.




Wings made by air. You can’t have the cleanest ride without having the cleanest technology. Front Wing & Rear Stabilizer Construction


3D Robotics

A high-grade corrosion resistant alloy is placed on a 3 axis CNC machine and milled for up to 2 hours for the perfect dimension. This workhorse 6061 heat treated aluminum has a higher strength then other alloy for increased wear and tear and a more solid connections between the different parts. Fuselage & Mast Top Plate Construction


Hollow MFG.

A high-grade corrosion resistant alloy is pushed through a die to the desired cross section. This workhorse heat treated 6061 aluminum has a higher strength then other alloy for increased wear and tear and a more solid connections between the different parts. Fluid / Shift Mast Construction


- Balance Front Wing - 1300cm / 201in

- Navigator Rear Stabilizer – One Size Fits All 240cm / 37in

- Link 3D Fuselage – One Size Fits All 39cm / 15 in.

- Shift 3 in 1 Adjustable Mast 14 | 17 | 20in.

  35 | 43 | 51cm


Purchasing This Complete Foil Kit - Every complete Ronix set up comes with all necessary hardware, protection sleeves, bags, etc. The only thing you will need is a foil board.