2024 Liquid Force Focus Wakeskate

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You can't progress if you don't put in the work. So, grab a Focus and let the good times begin!

The Focus is purely focused on progression.  From your first set on a skate, to stomping your first shuv-it, and beyond...the focus will do just that, let you focus on fine tuning your bag of tricks. The EVA Deck Pad gives riders of all abilities a solid platform to ride on...with or without shoes, even though we suggest you wear some to protect those toes!  Whether you ride behind a boat or are stacking laps your local cable park, the Focus Wakeskate is everything you need to kickstart your Wakeskate career!

  • Lively and Durable 9-Ply Wood Deck keeps the overall weight of the Focus Wakeskate down, yet snappy enough to help you lock down those knee-high Ollies!
  • Beveled Rails make for a more forgiving ride as you're learning proper edging and working on surface slides or flip tricks.
  • EVA Deck Traction Pad - Soft Foam Grip Top-Sheet is easy on your feet and comfortable won't wear out quickly with use.
  • Progressive 3-Stage Rocker
  • Single Concave
  • 9-Ply Wood Construction
  • Beveled Rail Design
  • EVA Deck Traction
  • Symmetrical Design
  • 1.0 Skate Fin



Length (in) Nose / Tail Width (in Width (in) Surface Area (in2) Rocker (in) Weight Range (lbs)
42" 12.2 15.8 604.8 2 145+
44" 12.4 15.9 637 2.1 170+