2024 Radar Origin Combo - Blue

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The Origin combos are made to get you up and on top of the water efficiently, in the most traditional manner. The narrower profile makes them nimble once on top. Sliding adjustable horseshoe bindings complete the package.

Combo skiing is the cornerstone to a future of enjoyment behind the boat. Making it easy for someone to learn how to ski is the key to them having fun and wanting to come back for more. 

  • Horseshoe Bindings
  • Progressive Profile Sidecut
  • Training Bar Included with 59” Pair

Horseshoe Binding Size Recommendations

59 - Youth - Up to 170 Lbs. - Horseshoe Binding Fits up to Men's 9

67 - Adult - Up to 220 Lbs. - Horseshoe Binding Fits up to Men's 14