Mustang Minimalist Inflatable Belt PFD (Gray)

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  • Minimalist PFD for SUP Paddling, Kayaking and Canoeing. Originally engineered for naval operators, this approved PFD is small enough to stay out of the way while paddling or playing on the water.

Product details

Ergonomically designed to fit against your body and keep your range of motion completely uninhibited, this discreet-when-deflated Personal Floatation Device (PFD) offers you the peace of mind you want, that won't compromise your safety, or your stroke.

Engineered and designed as a tribute to the original belt packs designed for front line defenders in the 1980s. Adjustable waist strap allows for a customized fit. Durable casing stands up to wear and tear; minimalist packaging keeps the PDF out of the way until activated. Manually inflates by pulling inflation cord; oral inflation on left chest acts as a secondary inflation option. 38 lbs of buoyancy when inflated - more than 2x traditional foam PFDs. Bright yellow inflation cell stands out in the water (when inflated). Note: recommended for use in groups, or for skilled swimmers.

Note inflatable PFDs are not Canadian Coast Guard Approved for children under 16 years old.