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The iQFoil Carbon is supplied with the iQFoil Carbon 95cm mast. It is stiffer than the standard Carbon 95 mast, giving you more control and maximum flight stability, unlocking the gear with ability to push further and with more confidence.

Fuselages: 115 Plus

Front Wing: 900

Tail Wing: 255 -2°

The Tom Speer-designed profile is thin and relatively symmetrical, delivering speed with consistency. It has enough shape to provide constant lift and traction at various speeds. This is critical for negotiating low wind lulls, handling high wind gusts and making a wing you can trust all racing scenarios - overtaking, defending your line, recovering from small errors and foil jibing with confidence.



Compared to the original Race, the iQFoil swaps the 115 Standard fuselage for the new 115 Plus fuselage. 


This new fuselage shifts the front wing forwards and reduces tail wing angle to make it more aligned with the front wing, creating what we call a High Efficiency Foil Geometry (NZ Pat. App. No. 751177). With both wings flying through the water at more parallel angles, you release more speed, you get quicker acceleration and more control.



The iQFoil foil uses the saddle system for maximum connection stiffness. The front wing sits on a wide flat surface and locks in place via four countersunk M6 Torx bolts. The threads are anodized and reinforced with stainless steel helicoils for  strength and corrosion resistance. 


Will this fuselage work with other wings and masts?

Yes. This fuselage is compatible with all masts and compatible with all wings that use the saddle system. However, as a One Design class, using an item that is not an official iQFoil approved item would make the foil not eligible to race.



The tail wing also uses a saddle system. An angle spacer sits between the wing and the fuselage. Changing the angle spacers allows the rider to adjust tail wing angle to optimise performance based on wind speed and the desired flying configuration: more power or more control.