2022 Starboard Go Windsurfer Starlite

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  • The iconic GO boards kickstarted the modern windsurfing era by introducing the wide-style concept. 22 years later, the GO boards continue to help thousands of progressing and advanced windsurfers through their first steps and their first carve jibes.

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GO Windsurfer 165, 175, 195

A highly efficient and low rockerline and an even volume distribution allows the GO Windsurfer to glide smoothly and fast in light winds, with lots of longitudinal traction. It also lets the board accelerate onto the plane smoothly and more easily than before.
The GO Windsurfer 165, 175 and 195 use our Clipperbox daggerboard system that clicks in and out and can be removed without tools. Position the daggerboard at 45 degrees and pull up to release. The water-sealing rubber lips are ultra-durable and can also be replaced without tools. Learning to windsurf with a daggerboard or centre fin makes it easier to stay upwind while providing additional roll stability.

Model Technologies Volume Length Width Tail Width Thickness Bottom Shape (Tail to Nose) Footstrap Rows Rear Fins Center Fin (not included) Fin Box Center Fin Box Rear Fin Range Sail Range Weight
Go Windsurfer 165 Starlite 165l 263cm 80cm 52cm 11.2cm Flat V 2 Drake Freeride Power 48 ClipperBox Daggerboard Tuttle Box Clipper 42 - 50cm 4.0 - 9.0m2 13.03kg
Go Windsurfer 175 Starlite 175l 268cm 83cm 54.1cm 14.8cm Flat V 3 Drake Freeride Power 50 ClipperBox Daggerboard Tuttle Box Clipper Box 48 - 54cm 4.5 - 9.5m2 13.4kg
Go Windsurfer 195 Starlite 195l 271cm 87.5cm 56.7cm 14.6cm Flat V 3 Drake Freeride Power 50 ClipperBox Daggerboard Tuttle Box Clipper Box 50 - 56cm 5.0 - 10m2 14.12kg