Duotone Silver Series Boom Mega Slim - Turquoise/black/purple

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With a tube diameter of 25.5mm (140 + 160 length) it’s just 0.5mm bigger than even the thinnest carbon booms out there (with the exception of our own PLATINUM booms :-) 

Unbelievable but true, the SILVER MEGA SLIM is also as stiff as most carbon booms out there. We achieve this new stiffness level by combining the stiffest 7075 alloy available which can only be bent using our PARTIAL SUBSEQUENT HEATING PROCESS with our unique OVAL TAIL SECTION and OUTSIDE FRONT- AND TAIL ARCH TUBES. 

And last but not least this all comes without any sacrifice in durability. That is why the SILVER MEGA SLIM is qualified for our unmatched 2 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY. 

So it’s save to say the SILVER MEGA SLIM can’t be compared to any other alloy boom but is rather challenging high end carbon booms - especially when it comes to price. 

The 140 and 160 lengths have received a completely new bend curve called NEW SCHOOL 2.0. For the first time it combines the advantages of a straight new school curve (no overstretching of the front hand) and a performance oriented curve (wider distance of the tubes in the center to avoid the sail profile from getting distorted). 

In terms of unique features the SILVER MEGA SLIM is also in a league of it‘s own featuring the iFRONT 2.0 (lightest front-end on earth) and the VTS TAIL (visually indicating the correct outhaul tension). 

Best for last all SILVER MEGA SLIM now feature an unmatched 60cm XL extension range covering an even broader range of sail sizes.