2023 Naish S27 Jet 2000/85 Foil Complete (w/ Alloy Mast)

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Foil Surfing/Downwind Foiling/Wing-Surfing

The Jet 1650, 2000 & 2450 share many similar features to their smaller 1050 & 1250 counterparts. These larger wings feature a slightly higher aspect ratio in a delta wing planform with moderate anhedral to deliver early lift and a low stall speed while maximizing turning ability. These wings are the ideal choice for larger surfers surf foiling as well as SUP, downwind, and Wing-Surf foiling. These wings are paired with the Stabilizer 450, which gives the complete setup more lift at lower speeds and is optimized for improved turning and pumping performance.



100% Pre-preg 3K High Gloss Carbon Fiber Front Wing and Stabilizer

CNC Precision Cut Lightweight Aluminum Fuselage with Corrosion Resistant      Stainless Steel M6 Helicoils for the Front Wing and Stabilizer Connection

Stainless Steel M6 Torx T30 Hardware for all Screwed Connections

The new Naish alloy mast features an updated 6061 aircraft grade aluminum extrusion that is nearly 25% stronger with only a nominal weight increase due to a new section architecture that puts more wall thickness at key buckling areas while maintaining the same exterior dimensions and low drag shape of the S26 mast. The new extrusion features a new bonded and screwed board mount (2x M8 and sex bolt) for a rock solid connection. The mast directly connects to the fuselage with 2 M8 screws and uses a molded fuselage connector that functions as a corrosion barrier. The supplied Torx T30 driver can be used for all screwed connections.


  • Jet 2000 front wing (with EVA cover)
  • Jet 450 stabilizer (with EVA cover)
  • 64 cm Fuselage
  • 85cm Aluminum Alloy Mast
  • 5 x 20 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws (Connects Wings to Fuselage) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • 4 x 30 mm M6 T30 Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws and 4 x M6 T nuts (Connects Standard Plate to Board) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • EVA Wing and Stabilizer Covers
  • Carry Case 
  • Naish Torx T30 Driver


Front Wing Aspect Ratio Wingspan Projected Surface Area Stabilizer Fuselage
Jet 1050 4.0 25.2"/64 cm 162.8 in²/1050 cm² Jet 320 64 cm
Jet 1250 4.0 27.6"/70 cm 193.8 in²/1250 cm² Jet 320 64 cm
Jet 1650 4.8 34.8"/88.5 cm 255.8 in²/1650 cm² Jet 450 64 cm
Jet 2000 5.1 39.4"/100 cm 310 in²/2000 cm² Jet 450 64 cm
Jet 2450 4.1 39.4"/100 cm 379.7 in²/2450 cm² Jet 450 64 cm